I saved $130 on my grocery bill last week.


Not through the laborious tedium of cutting coupons or visiting three different stores to stock up on the $0.99/lb ground round.

Nor did I sacrifice my commitment to organic fare, pasteurized eggs or fresh fruits and vegetables.

I was simply mindful.

I set out to buy one pack of uncured bacon instead of two……but then I noticed the nondescript yellow coupon announcing a package of free uncured pork sausage in return for buying something I had already intended to purchase.

As I gently pulled off the proffered sunny savings, the bellows of my hesitant mind offered up a startling vision of the gnashing of missing teeth and tiny fists pounding the floor, wailing a piteous Sunday morning lament in the absence of, the much revered, weekly treat, of two packs of bacon.

But as they cautiously nibbled on the golden edges of their patty, their eyes widened and those greasy little fingers reached across the table for another…..and another.

And so………..In quite this manner, I traversed the familiar aisles considering alternatives and snatching up available coupons and deals applicable only to the two week meal plan scrawled on the lined list before me.

And as I stared at the bored expression on my checker’s face, I realized that he was telling me my total…..




All because I was mindful.  All because I bought only what I truly needed.  All because of minimalism.

And what did I do with my savings?

I went straight out and blew it on this beautiful red leather purse I’ve had my eye on for a couple of months now?


Bahahahahahahahahah……did I get ya?


No, I drove my children to the bank.  We spun through the glass revolving door until we were dizzy with laughter and it spit us out into the glass atrium filled with moist plants and the rarified air of money.

I watched quietly as the tethered pens scritched heavily across deposit slips adorned with the hesitant penmanship of six and nine years.  I watched quietly as they gingerly approached the beaming teller to slip their monetary offering across the cool granite surface.

I quietly watched as they strode away, shoulders back and heads high, filled with the importance of their accomplishments and basking in the promise that their new savings accounts held.

So what did choosing free sausage instead of two packs of bacon give me?


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